Project Graduation Sponsors and Donors
Thank You!
Project Graduation is a gift that our community gives to our graduating seniors. Our goal is to provide a fun and safe graduation night for all of your graduates.
We couldn't do it without you!
The Oro Valley Cup is the largest fund raiser for Project Graduation.  The event is held annually on the first Friday in February at the Oro Valley Community Center.  Proceeds from the tournament benefit Project Graduation events at
Ironwood Ridge, CDO and Amphi High Schools.

Thank You To All Of Our Sponsors and Volunteers!

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  1. Pima County Attorney's Office
    Pima County Attorney's Office
  2. State Farm
    State Farm
  3. IRHS Student Government
    IRHS Student Government
  4. Kai Family Foundation
    Kai Family Foundation
  1. Arbuckle's Coffee
    Arbuckle's Coffee
  2. Bakehouse Bread
    Bakehouse Bread
  3. Chipolte
  4. Jim Click Automotive
    Jim Click Automotive
  1. Bubb's Grub
    Bubb's Grub
  2. Village Bakehouse
    Village Bakehouse
  3. Tucson Tamale
    Tucson Tamale
  4. Lennar Homes
    Lennar Homes
  1. In N Out
    In N Out
  2. Dunkin Donuts
    Dunkin Donuts
  3. Bashas
  4. Mimi's Cafe
    Mimi's Cafe
  1. Frost
  2. Papa John's
    Papa John's
  3. Jersey Mike's
    Jersey Mike's
  4. Fry's

Project Graduation Business Breakfast
with Chief Daniel Sharp

Sponsored by the Oro Valley Police Department

Each year, the Oro Valley Police Department sponsors the Project Graduation Business Breakfast at the Hilton El Conquistador to raise awareness of Project Graduation in the community and to thank businesses for their support.  Local businesses, community members and student representatives from IRHS, CDO and Amphi are invited to attend.   

Golder Ranch Fire Department

All of us at Project Graduation would like to extend a special thank you to the men and women of Golder Ranch Fire Department.  Every year they come and help us carry all of the props, decorations and supplies down from our loft at the school.  On the Saturday afer the event, they come and help us carry it all back up!

We couldn't do it without you!

Monetary and In-Kind Donations
Stan Winetrobe Memorial Fund

Michele Bartell
Kristin Behrens
Sue and Michael Conto
Joyce Contrades
Kyle Franks Foundation
Dan and Christine Fapp
Debbie Farnall
Chrissy Flading

Karen and Freddie Fraier
Thomas Gansheimer
Hope and Galen Goldsmith
Kelly Greim

Lisa Hart
Elaine Hernandez

Lindsey Hunter
Eileen and Steve Ingle
Ruth and Don Kester
​Nicole Leeman
Wendy Lemke
Zoe Lemme
Litten Family

Paul Loomis
Mayerle Family
John and Hennifer Otto
Katie Parks
 Erica Rokop

Olga Tarro
Rhonda Valentino

Dawn Yellot

​​Stan Winetrobe was a long time supporter and volunteer at Project Graduation. This fund was established by his family to provide tickets to Project Grad to students who may not be able to attend due to financial hardship.

Marge Adler
Jane Borg
Michael and Stacey Campisi,  
in memory of Maverick
Denise Calhoun
Ed and Michell Dunlap
Judy Esbit
Kyle Franks Foundation
John Fung
Denise Gavron
Shannon Gleckler
 Peter and Connie Gullman
Pat and Hatsumi Halgiwara
Cindy Heckman
Lindsey Hunter
Pauline Kaku
Brooke Kingston
Robert and Lori Lepore


Cyndi Luhtala
Mancini Family

June Marionoff
Nancy McKearney
Michelle and Ray Ann Morgan
Dee Olson
Frank Powers

Marsha Price
Errol and Paula Rafal
Roger and Lindsey Smith
Takaki Family
Phil and Niki Tillicki
Debbie Van Cleve
Mary Watson
Shanna Weagle
John and Francis Weinzettle
Bonnie Widdes
Dana, Hailey and Carly Winetrobe

Project Grad Volunteers Rock!

Thank you to ALL of our amazing volunteers who have generously donated their time to make this event a success! Our volunteers work all year long designing and building props, selling tickets, helping out at the Oro Valley Cup, setting up for the event, providing food for our volunteers, working on event night and clean up after. Project Grad is a BIG job but as all of our volunteers will tell you, it's worth it!
Mike and Rose Adamo
Chris Adams
Delano Alli
Corina Alsua
Dorolle Anaya
Bruce and Flo Baca
Judy Bai
Michele Bartell
Monica Bates
Kimberly Baum
Debra Becker
Norma Bell
Karen Belleau
DeDe and Saul Betten
Mia Bottcher
Lori Bunker
Renee Burrous
Denise Calhoun
JoAnne Carlson
Heath and Pam Carnes
Nicole Carter
Naomi Castillo
TIm Chavez
Meredith Colburn
Matthew Colby
Sue Conto
Adam Contrades
Joyce Contrades
Melissa Cooley
Barbara Craig
Toni Cramer
Jacob Crow
Amy and Matt Davidson
Greg DeSilva
Bill and Jessica Deater
Robert Degrood
Sue Dew 
Tom Dew
Mary Dickson
Christy Dipaola
David and Shawna Dorame
Ed Dunlap
Mike Dunlap
Joe Dylewski
Heylie Eigen
Colin Eischeid
Jenna Elmer
Judy Esbit
Dan and Christine Fapp
Katie Fapp

Karen Frazier
Seth Freifeld
Beth Fuller
Earlene Fuller
Thomas Gansheimer
Cynthia Garcia
Len and Robin Gerken
Galen and Hope Goldsmith
Susan Goodman
Sharon Grant
Mary Beth Gray
Kelley Greim
Peter and Connie Gullman
Kyle Hansen
Jess Haymore
Kari and Kwesi Hazel
Ann Hill
Maryann Hinton
Diana Honebrink
Bill and Erika Honomichl
Rosemarie Howard
Alie Howland
Laila Huff
Allen Jackson
Eric Jackson
Lynda Jackson
Ryan Jackson
Danae Jacobs
Steve Jacobs
Dawn Jensen
Eileen Jonatits
Ruth Kester
Gina Kimball
Christopher Knight
​Linda and David Kronenfeld
Christina Lafontaine
Bill and Charmaine Lang
Brian Lawson
Ashley LeFiles
Jeff and Ralph Lemcke
Brian and Emily Lincoln
Kris Litten
Paul Loomis
Gail Maine
Dan and Rebecca Malone
David Markzon
Roxanne Marquez
Chris Martin
Kathyrn Matthews
John and Nancy McKearney
Jim and Daina Miller
Chase Mills-Strong
Jennifer Morehead
Stephanie Mustain
Stefani and Brett Noe
​Alan Noe
Erin Noe
Jennifer Nunn
Steve and Kathy Odenkirk
Jason and Jackie Overstreen
Susan Pate
Mark Pieroni
Mark and Stacy Pincus
Frank Pitts 
Travis and Tamera Potter
Marsha Price
Jason and Jackie Overstreet
Heidi Radtke
Joan Rebaza
Erin Rhoads
Beth Roberts
Margaret Roberts
Trisha Rogers
Angi Sattler
Andrea Shaw Markzon
Mike Price
Greg and Mary Snider
Jenene Spencer
Kathy Spencer
Bernie and Pamela Stannus
Suzanne Steiner
Nancy Stratman
 Jason and Heidi Sweet
Sara Swiokla
Joyce Swiokla
Sydney Symonds
Ivy Take
Janalynn Taylor
Kyle Taylor
Sam Taylor
Kristy Thornton
Cathleen Tiesch
Niki Tiliki
Barbara Trueman
Debbie Van Cleve
Yvonne Van Wey
Julie Wagner
Michael and Jill Warrick
Mary Watson
Stephanie Welch
Sandy WIlson
Donna Winetrobe
Carly Winetrobe
Taylor Wingfield 


If there are any corrections or additions to this list, please let us know!
Project Graduation